Terms and Conditions

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The seller of goods is the company SIA “Animo Forti”, established under the laws of Republic of Latvia, registered with Latvian Commercial register under the Nr., having its legal seat at, that operates online shop from the website www.inch2.com (hereinafter referred as “the Seller”).

Postal address / Address of showroom:

SIA “Animo Forti”, Elizabetes iela 19, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia

Email: care@inch2.com

Ph. +371 266 333 99

These Sales Terms and Conditions governs sales of goods by the Seller through the online channel www.inch2.com only.

Most of goods sold are hand-made quality shoes, as well as other clothing and other items.

Eligible customers are consumers. The Seller do not sell goods through the online channel www.inch2.com to business entities, incl. individual proprietorships and self-employed persons acting in their business capacity.


All information about goods offered for sale is available on the website www.inch2.com .

Customer, who is willing to buy goods, should navigate through on the website www.inch2.com up to the particular page, where a full description of a particular item is available, then select a desired size, and fill in other information, if applicable, and press the button “ADD TO THE BASKET” to ad dit to the customer’s virtual shopping basket (“shopping basket”), and to repeat this sequence for all the items which Customer is willing to acquire, press the button “CONTINUE SHOPPING”.

After the all desired items are added to the shopping basket, customer should navigate to the shopping basket, by pressing the icon of it in the right top corner of the screen, check and it is customers obligation to review if all information in the shopping basket is correct, and if not, then take necessary corrective action:

  • either delete incorrect items in the shopping basket,
  • and/ or add another item in the shopping basket, as described above.

Further customer should proceed to making payment for the order by pressing button “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”.

Upon filling on all necessary information as requested and execution a payment option, the customer will receive an email confirming the order.


Separate delivery charge may be reflected as separate item in the shopping basket, if applicable.

Prices of all items for the delivery to addresses within European Union Value-Added Tax (VAT)  area, are inclusive  value added tax.

Prices for all items beyond European Union VAT area, as indicated are exclusive of value added tax.

Price includes delivery as per delivery option as described under “DELIVERY” headline of these terms and conditions.

For delivery to addresses addresses that are beyond of European Union VAT area or/and beyond European Union Customs territory, it is a responsibility of the customer to proceed with customs clearance procedure, incl. all applicable fees and charges, and be responsible for payment of all import custom duties, sales taxes and similar, if any.


We accept online only those orders which payment can be settled via the website www.inch2.com .

We accept payments through the website www.inch2.com only customers, having billing addresses in the countries available for the selection on the website menu.

If your country or territory is not listed please contact Customer Care service to check if other options are available.

The Seller will accept an order only after the specific payment option is fully completed.


We accept order online only for deliveries to addresses in the countries and territories that are listed in the selection menu on the website www.inch2.com.

If your country or territory is not listed please contact Customer Care service to check if other options are available.

Delivery to European Economic Zone countries ( except Luxembourg, Iceland, Liechtenstein), Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bahamas, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Georgia, India, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Tajikistan, Thailand, Macedonia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, UAE, USA, Uzbekistan, is undertaken with EMS/EPG parcel delivery service, that normally takes 3-10 business days, and normally includes courier delivery.

All other deliveries are undertaken by priority postal parcel service / small packet, and may include courier delivery, and it takes usually 10-15 business days to deliver.

If the ordered items is in stock, we ship it within 3 business days.

If the item is to be manufactured, it will be shipped after it is manufactured. Manufacturing takes up to 4 weeks, however during campaigns it can take up to 8 weeks.

Customers will be advised on expected manufacturing and dispatch deadlines, also customers will be provided with the shipment tracking number once it is shipped.

Solely customer is responsible for the accuracy of the delivery address.


Customer’s statutory withdrawal rights are described HERE.

The template for an execution of statutory withdrawal rights can be downloaded HERE.


In case of any dissatisfaction with goods or service customers are advised to contact Customer Care to resolve the issue.

Following that, formal complaint can be filed with Customer Care, and the rights of customers will be addressed in accordance to the Law on Consumers’ Right Protection of Latvia, which provides for customers a set of statutory warranty conditions and corresponding rights.

After execution of this option, customers at their discretion have a right to file a formal complaint with out-of-court consumers’ disputes resolution. body, Consumers Disputes Resolution Commission (Latvia), further information and contact can be found at their website HERE.


This contract is governed by laws of Republic of Latvia.